Steve Buerge , USDA Certified Grass-fed Beef

Steve Buerge raises premium beef in Fort Scott, Kansas. From start to finish, they feed on pastures of fescue, clovers, sudan grass, immature oats and immature silage along with vitamins and minerals.

Anthony’s Beehive

Anthony's Beehive was founded in 1999 after he watched a video that ignited within him a passion for honey bees. Today, Anthony has around 100 hives located in Douglas County Kansas. Born with developmental disabilities, Anthony has turned his love for these fascinating creatures into a chance to support himself with dignity, despite his disability. Anthony's Beehive is truly a family affair, and their business philosophy is based on exceptional service and belief in serving the community, through providing education about bees, supporting other small businesses, or offering quality natural products from the "Heart of the Hive."

Berry Hill Farm

Berry Hill Farm was started in 2013. We learned about the rotating arm trellis system for growing blackberries in the Midwest which provided us with an opportunity to spend more time on our small acreage in the country. We currently have four varieties of blackberries: Natchez, Ouachita, Triple Crown, and Chester.

Blackberry Hill Ranch

Blackberry Hill Farms is a group of about 30 Old World Mennonite family farms just outside of Rich Hill, MO. This community of family farmers uses traditional farming methods that keep them close to the land. All farming is done by horsepower and all irrigation for crops is pumped from ponds and wells by wind power or gravity.

Boys Grow KC

BoysGrow participants work together to run the farm, run the nonprofit, and develop a unique culinary product that they will have to present, market, and effectively sell to grocers and restaurants.
Together, the BoysGrow class helps each other develop and grow, as well as doing the same for the program itself.

Campbell’s Peppers

"SWEET with a kick" is our motto! Our spicy candied treats are above the rest! Small batch made, we use fresh peppers, and you can pronounce all our ingredients. Full of flavor and heat that will keep you coming back for more!

Central Soy

Central Soy foods is a tofu shop that has been operating in Lawrence, Kansas for more than 25 years. We use certified organic soybeans grown by farmers in this region.

Juniper Hill Produce

Established in 2006, we are a first generation farm located in the heart of the Kansas River Valley in Douglas County, Kansas. A highly diversified and quickly growing agricultural operation run by first-
generation young farmers, Juniper Hill Farms, is committed to raising high-quality products in sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways. We have a passion for organic and sustainable agricultural production, post-harvest handling, local food systems, and the economics of growing— and we work hard every day to share those passions with our community by hosting tours, speaking at events, participating in agricultural organizations, and training the next generation of young farmers. Currently, the farm manages over 150 acres of USDA Certified Organic land, 400 acres of sustainably grown land, and will produce more than 50 acres of vegetables in 2016! Other crops grown at the farm include hay, alfalfa, small grains, and row crops.

Local Amish Preserves,

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Maddick Family Free Ranch Chickens

The Maddick Family’s Campo Lindo Farms is a small family farm growing clean, wholesome food. We grow free range all natural chickens, eggs from pastured hens, as well as some beef and lamb. We feed no antibiotics or hormones, and the poultry is hand processed here on our farm under U.S.D.A. inspection.

Marion Lane Candles

Marion Lane Candles features Hand poured, highly scented candles and gifts! SoyFlower™ Candles, QuickScents™ Wax Melts, and a variety of popular candle styles are perfect for giving or decorating!

Martin Rice,

Martin Rice Company produces Long Grain and Jasmine rice on its Southeast Missouri farm. The company has dedicated thousands of acres to growing rice and operates its own processing facility at the same location. This family operation began more than 50 years ago when the Martins settled on 160 acres in the Missouri boot heel. Now, three generations later, the same family farms over 7,000 acres of prime rice-growing land. In January 2000, the family constructed a rice processing facility to add value to a crop grown on the farm for over 25 years. With a dedication to quality, the Martins produce rice under the strictest of guidelines offered by the USDA and the EPA.

Merritt Family Produce,

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Miller Pecan Co.

From the river bottoms and creek beds of Northeast Oklahoma, the Miller family is proud to provide environmentally responsible, delicious, nutritious, locally-grown pecans for families all around the state and country. Today, Miller Pecan Company is one of the only producers in the United States to handle their pecans from planting, grafting, and harvesting to cleaning, shelling, and marketing, allowing them to ensure the highest imaginable quality for their customers.

Pendleton’s Country Market

Pendleton’s Country Market is an open air, seasonal farm market. This diversified family farm grows vegetables, bedding plants and cut flowers. They also offer pick-your-own vegetables.

Prairieland Dairy

Prairieland Dairy is a 5th generation sustainable family dairy farm located 20 miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Twin County Farms Produce

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Wiebe Family Cheese,

Jason Wiebe and his wife Sheri and their four children, Benjamin, Matthew, Shannon, and Julie, live on their farm near Durham, Kansas.They raise their dairy cows on the farm that Jason’s grandparents started. Today they also make natural cheese on that farm. Not only are the Wiebes making history with their Farmhouse cheese, they live with history as their farm is located on the Santa Fe trail. Their cattle walk across the ruts left by countless wagon trains. They appreciate their heritage of owning land on the Santa Fe Trail and they look to passing this on to many generations to come. They choose to pass it on to the next generation even better than they received it from the past generation. That's the depth of their commitment to sustainability.