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Food that is Better for Everyone

Our Mission 

To bring high-quality local food and food products from
sustainable family farms and small businesses to consumers.

Through our sales, we also strive to make these healthy products more available to vulnerable populations via the Food Conservancy.


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About Us 

Our Story: Since 1995, Diana and Gary Endicott have been raising natural
food and beef cattle using sustainable practices that result in food that is free
of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. Within two years of starting their
farm, the Endicotts realized a need for aggregation of other small farm
operations and Good Natured Family Farms (GNFF), with a membership of
150 small farms, was born. GNFF now distributes the products of its member
farms through Balls Food Stores, the largest regional chain in Kansas City.


Our Farms & Farmers

We provide a complete line of top quality local food from over 100 producers in the Kansas City area.  Our producers are small family farms and, therefore, the best possible stewards of the land.



Good Natured Family Farms continues to invest a great deal of time and money into our Mission of increasing the availability and affordability of healthy local food in vulnerable communities.



Where to Buy

We bring a complete line of fresh, healthy food products from local farms into the Kansas City Metro area. Find us in Hen House as well as Ball's Price Chopper Stores.