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Nature's Best from Local Family Farms
We want nothing more than to live on the land and farm it. We want to produce food that doesn't poison the earth or the ground water. We want to use methods that make that food safe for our fellow human beings. It's not the fastest way to raise food or the most economical. It's simply the best.
We are an alliance of more than 150 family farms and small businesses.  Some are 3rd or 4th generation stewards of the land who raise their animals humanely and care for the earth in a sustainable fashion. We have banded together to be able to bring our foods to Kansas City's Hen House Markets and Ball's Price Chopper Supermarkets as well as select other retail locations.
When you purchase Good Natured Family Farms' products, you support the local family farms around the Kansas City area. These farms protect Kansas City's natural resources by producing food with that is good for us, good for the earth, and good for the tastebuds.
We are passionate about healthy local food and about giving back.  Therefore, we proudly share ourMission Statement & History, our Food Safety Certifications and Procedures, and would like you to meet our founder and president, Diana Endicott.  To learn even more, feel free to visit our Photo Album.

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Our "Good Food" Programs
partially funded by the WK Kellogg Foundtion

Farm to School Lunch Program

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